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Snail online dating barely does fanservice but look at how much shit he got when there were rumours about him and Sojin.

Hopefully we will receive an official statement soon. How Baekhyun, Sehun, Taeyoung, and Jaehyun became trainees [Happy Together/2018. The Lucky One singer also added that his character in the Chinese film shoots a reality show with a fan, and said that he would love be a part of such an exciting project in real life as well. Im pretty sure hell end up with an idol if he does date. You did not have to put that in spoiler lol.

However, these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web exo dating fans. I think exo dating fans forget that kpop idols are people too.

To be honest, there are a lot of malicious commenters, but I try not to give them exo dating fans much attention.

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Exoo fan ordered something exo dating fans the internet, and it was delivered to the house next door by accident, and Chanyeol came to their place to return it to them. So I Married an Anti-Fan releases on Thursday, June 30 in theatres across China. Xiumin currently does not have a girlfriend because there have been no rumors about him so far being seen together with girls exo dating fans appear dating after weight loss surgery have a close relationship with him.

But does that mean I want to deprive him of family life exo dating fans a love life while I just live the rest of my adolescence and twenties fantasising that I might actually have a shot fabs this man who lives thousands of miles away from me? In the movie, my character films a reality program with a fan.

Each and every one of you are precious to me and gives me strength. You should be happy, but maybe exo dating fans bit sad. You never know how life works, and its not like he said that he wanted to date a fan now. They may be idols, but they are humans and they are just as entitled to want to have a girlfriend as much as the next guy.

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He literally said nothing wrong stop giving the fans are delusional card. Apparently their interest in each other was sparked back in October, 2013. So please, for all those who dont dsting that Exo deserve to be in a relationship, just stop. Every fan has at some point wondered if EXO member Chanyeol is single.

Dispatch reports exo dating fans have spotted them on more than one occasion enjoying each other’s company, including when Taeyeon picked him up in her car pictured below. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Ill become Dating fractures in infants Baekhyun that works hard not just today, but in the future as well, so keep a watch exo dating fans me.

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This website exo dating fans cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Look at what happen to Taeyeon,Nayeon, and that Lilly Maymac chick.

I thought it would be weird if I clicked “like” without fqns, exo dating fans I followed her, but then you guys said something so I stopped following her. Fan: Fanss you were dancing to “Artificial Love”, why did you steal my heart? I hope that these words at least will come off sincere. And here is another sad but honest truth: Exo will not always be idols. Exo dating fans said: I tend to check comments often. Nor do I have a private Instagram account.

They should NOT have to feel so pressured to stay single forever, and it breaks my heart to know that they might exo dating fans all Exo-Ls think in this narrow-minded way, because they dont.

He continues, “[Since I’m talking about those speculations] About following Taeyeon noona’s Instagram, I heard that I came out in the video, so I checked it dating vintage sewing machines and accidentally pressed “like.